Any mod for 2005+ information display??

Lincoln Town Car

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    Jun 12, 2018
    Texas, USA
    The information display in between the tachometer and there ANY mod for this? Can any flash change the info it displays or how it displays?

    I ask because now that I have the Mark VIII I can’t stand the fact that my 10-year-younger car can’t display numerical instantaneous MPG!!! I like to keep track of driving habits to get PRECISELY the most fuel economy I can practically get and the 7-bars graph is all over the place.

    I also notice the fonts changed. I don’t know how many times the font in the info display have changed, but in an ‘06 I’ve driven, some numbers look different and dorky compared to the ‘07. They’re displaying the same SIZE it’s iust that some of the dot matrix is different with some characters. This makes me wonder if there were any mods available to edit such things in these clusters.

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