Alarm system/Keyless or what???


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Mar 16, 2005
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Hi Hotties, I'm going crazy trying to get Tux right (96 Mark VIII LSC), here's the issue(s):

A few months ago i took Tux to the auto electrician to get his remote features functional (lock doors without alarm going off in 2 minutes) and to see if they could fix the key pad. They did, but told me that a (circuit?? something) by the trunk lock that had to do with the alarm system was preventing fob and keypad from working and couldn't locate another one, but the remote was working and so was key pad when it was disconnected, so we left it disconnected (do not know if that caused the below, if so the below is a late reaction).

Welllll, about a month or so ago, everything that had to do with the security alarm system quit working (no auto seats wont move at all, cabin lights, auto door lock/unlock, horn, cruise, side mirror adjustment, vanity lights, garage door opener, keypad and fob - all quit working), BUT what is weird is the message center stays lite for the 10 min delay even if i open the door. I changed a few fuses in the inside fuse box, they blew immediately. So, Tux is at auto electric place now & they said the circuit in the passenger kickboard (a part of the alarm system i assume) is bad, it keeps heating up, but do not know what is causing it to heat up yet. He called because they are already up to 500.00 and wanted to know if I wanted them to continue....they said it could be 1 grand or more to find out why.

Can anyone shine any light on this to help them pinpoint the issue???

Thanks Hotties!!!
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