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Oct 17, 2004
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all ight so itryed putting in a stereo with out changing the factory...well it worksbut doesnt sound goodand i woul dlike more options. i want to do a flip up screen with navigation. however i was wondering how the hell u wire up an after market radio that the steering radio controls will still work (volume, mute, track/station change) also i would lik eto kno wif it is possible to get the dimmer from the car to work the dimmer in the after market radio to work like stock. any ideas or suggestions would be greatly apprciated

quick question to add. if i have the alpine system from the factory...can i just upgrade to a better alpine unit and keep all the functions as the factory radio ie: steering wheel controls and dimming?
you'll need -> Harness to connect aftermarket head unit to existing wiring = Parts Express part number 265-610, Metra part number 70-1771.

The steering controls use a 'standard' - so if your new unit can utilize them then chances are the ones in the LS will work. There are adapters available for them as well.
all right i got the harness for connecting new radio to car wiring. it sthe additional controls im completly lost on. for instance where do i wire the new radio to the steering controls?
PAC makes a module to convert the signal from the wheel controls (5V Neg. Reference, controlled by diff. resistances). You should be able to pic one up at your local mobile electronics store, or somewhere offline. Three simple connections: Power, Ground, and Signal. Then mount the I.R. LED somewhere in the car aiming toward the radio (i put mine about the opening in the kit in the lip so you cant even see it) then program the module using your remote for the aftermarket head similar to the way you would learn codes on a universal TV remote. This will obviously only work if you have a head that came with an IR remote (most all companies mid to high end head have this).

The store I work for carries these converters, I think we sell them for around $50. I have one on my LS for my Kenwood head and personally wouldnt be without it. If you end up getting one, and need any help with the install, let me know, and im sure i could post a few pics for you.

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