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Jul 5, 2022
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Hey yall! Sorry if I sound like a newbie,(I am), but I was curious what options I could do for increased throttle response/acceleration on my 2001 continental. I'd like to get an SCT tuner and tweak it that way, but idk if that works without adding a tune first. If that doesn't work I may do one of those throttle response things you plug into the pedal. Also, anybody know if there's an option for more aggressive gearing that works on this fwd platform? All I find is the rwd gear ratios for the mark and such.
Looking into the archives on this website it appears I can do what I want with a superchips 1725, anyone selling one?
Is the '01 Continental drive by wire? I don't think so but I'm not too familiar with the Continentals.
Is the '01 Continental drive by wire? I don't think so but I'm not too familiar with the Continentals.
AFAIK, the LS was the first Ford with TBW, and that started on the 03 model year, so I would not expect the 01 Continental to have TBW.
Start with the basics, engine tune-up, perhaps a shift kit for the tranny. Make sure you have a good foundation before adding bolt-ons.
Looked everywhere for info on this, can't find any info, probably not though like joegr said.
Take a look at the engine bay, with the car not running, have someone step on the throttle a few times, if you can see movement by the throttle body, that would be a direct connection. and not drive by wire.
My 2002 Conti has old time throttle cable.
3.56 is the only final drive gear ratio I know of.
Be aware, the transmissions on these things have been a weak point over the years.
Got a Superchips 1725, tried to run it, says it needs an update? From what i've seen, I was under the impression it should have a preloaded tune. Am I missing something?
Sounds like you bought the programmer... without the tune.

As far as changing gear ratios... don't think that is going to be possible be cause the gear ratio is built into the transaxle. I doesn't have a diff (that I recall anyway).

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