About Lincoln Inner and Outer Tail lights.


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Nov 28, 2004
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i have a question regarding the Tail lights, Would a 2004 set fit a 2000?

The corner lights will fit but the deck lid lights will not. The Deck lid lights on the 2000-2002 LS's are actual lights and on the 2003 and up they are only reflectors.
and the 00-02 lights have ridges on them - where as the 03-04 are smooth.
for real? s#!t DAMN muthafu@#er!!!!! i wanted to get those lights for my 2k2. do the bolts at least line up?
:Bang :Bang :Bang :Bang :Bang :Bang :Bang :Bang :Bang
like Ken said - the outer (quarter mounted) lights will fit - but the inner (trunk lid mounted) lights are a totally different size and will not fit.

if you are looking for the two-tone (clear on top) - like on my LS (which is a 2001) you need to order Japanese version of the LS taillights. The LS was sold with two-tone taillinght in Japan 01-02.

are these what you want?
yup and I take it the oversized picture us ur way of sayin :N j/k how do I get these lights? i will travel throught space time and manhatten traffic to get them.
I got mine from Ken - it took us a year (or so) to get all the right part numbers..... etc.

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