2003 Lincoln ls transmission problems


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Jun 22, 2022
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I recently bought a 2003 Lincoln ls 119,000 miles, now I’m at 121,000 miles & it started shifting hard about 500 miles ago & two days ago I got a code that said “check transmission” so I decided to get the transmission fluid changed. After getting refused service at a couple shops I found a transmission shop that’d do it. I went today & got my transmission serviced, told them what has been going on & they said they found brass in the pan but it’ll be alright to drive it until it fails but they also said that could be a tomorrow or 50,000 miles from now. I’m just wondering if anybody can give me suggestions on what to do as far as getting a new tranny, like where to look, expected price, reliable manufacturers & all good advice to be given. Also I’m gonna call back tomorrow & ask if they used mercon V I know should’ve said beforehand but it just slipped my mind I’ve had a lot going on.


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Jun 12, 2012
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Somewhere around Lake Erie
2003 was a problem year for the LS tranny. I'm surprised it made it to 121k. Might be why the person was selling the LS.

Last I knew Motorcraft reman trannys were available through a Ford dealer for around $3k.

That doesn't include installation.

It may be possible to rebuild the old one by a local shop if the case isn't worn. Probably $1200-1500.

Do some research for good tranny shops in your area. Check Yelp... Google reviews and other sites. A rebuild would be about half the cost of a dealer tranny (rebuilt).

Beware. Most independent and "chain store" tranny shops can be "shady"... so do your homework.

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