For Sale 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC - Black/Black - 114k miles


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May 9, 2004
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Columbia, SC
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1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC - Black/Black - 114k miles

Columbia, SC

$6500 OBRO's time....

I've owned and loved this car for nearly 15 years. Changes in my life recently have revealed to me that I no longer have the desire to store/work on this car. It's been a great car. Never once left me stranded, and is always a pleasure to drive. I've done just about EVERYTHING to this car myself in the last 15 years. The only things I haven't done myself was paint/body work and alignments. Lots of literal blood, sweat, and tears shed while working on this car......I've just moved on. Too many personal reminders with it that I'd rather not have anymore...

It's sat dormant, in the garage, until very recently, for most of the last 3 years. I think I've only put about 3-4k miles on it since I moved to Columbia in 2011.

Absolutely NO rust on this car. Spent the beginning of life in Virginia until 2007, when I moved to SC, and it's been down here, garaged, ever since...

OEM HID bulbs work, but may get swapped out for one of my plug and play HID kits, depending on what I do with the headlights (see below).

Rear neon tail light still works and lights up beautifully.

LCA's and UCA's all replaced with factory replacement TRW parts at about 100k miles.

Blend door actuator replaced and reinforced in 2004.

******Here's some issues I know it currently has...

-Currently has "check traction control" message once car reaches ~25mph, indicating a wheel speed sensor has gone bad. I plan to replace that this coming weekend.

-Passenger kick panel and glove box not installed, but will also be put back in this weekend.

-Limo tint is peeling on back window, and various other spots like passenger quarter window. For the right price, I'll get all tint replaced with your desired percentage...

-Air ride compressor is tired. I have a good, used compressor on the way. I am currently able to fill up the system using a custom installed Shrader valve under the hood and an outside compressor. The car will stay aired up for about 2 months or so before the original rear air bags will slowly start to sag. I have a set of brand new rear "air springs" that can either go with the car, or I can possibly install them before sale, if I can get the time.

-Passenger headlight is cloudy. I will mostly likely be replacing the headlights with a set of the 9-10 extra headlight assemblies that I have laying around....

-Slight dent on driver's front fender from a piece of sheet metal falling against it in the garage. PDR should easily be able to fix it. If I'm able, I may get this fixed before sale...

Probably some other little's over 20 years old, it can't all be perfect.

******Mods that I can remember....

-Cobra hub swap, front and rear, including real 10th anniversary red 2003 Cobra front calipers. Rear brakes are the larger Cobra rotors with original Mark VIII calipers relocated to fit the larger size.

-Black chrome FR500 wheels, 18x9 fronts and 18x10 rears. Chrome finish has some slight blemishes but aren't very noticeable. 255/45/18 and 285/40/18 staggered tire setup.

-Koni adjustable shocks front and rear, including the highly sought-after Koni shock cartridges installed inside the front air shocks. Konis have no more than 4k miles on them. Air shocks have no more than about 5k miles on them, were basically brand new when I did the conversion.

-4.10 gears with brand new Trac-lok assembly, clutches, and seals installed less than 3k miles ago. Also installed a diff cover brace that I made myself and powdercoated red at the same time.

-3000 RPM B&M "holeshot" high stall torque converter installed at 88k miles.

-BEControls (Baumann) stage 5 shift kit installed.

-1993 Mark VIII one-piece driveshaft installed

-1-3/8" Addco rear sway bar installed. Have the same size front bar available as well, not installed.

-Whole car was repainted in 2009. Passenger side and driver rear quarter repainted in 2011, due to someone keying it...

-2.5" custom muffler shop exhaust system with x-pipe and dual Flowmaster mufflers.

-Custom "cold-air intake" with heat block-off shield, all fab'd up by myself.

-Air suspension spider valve assembly installed, with adjustable-rate auxiliary air dump vent and moisture filter.

-Pioneer Premier and JL Audio competition-level stereo system installed. I may remove the subwoofer and sub amp to install in my current car. All JL Audio component speakers, Pioneer head unit, and JL 300/4 amp will be staying in the car.

******I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of at the moment. Nearly all of my mods have been pretty well documented on all of the Mark VIII forums, including here,
, and the .org site.

I also still have tons of aftermarket upgrade/replacement parts that COULD possibly be negotiated into the sale...


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