1996 Chevy Monte Carlo SS

the quickness of the montes depends on the year. the newer body style ss has gone through several changes. some years the ss only has the 3.8 v6, some years it has the 3.8 v6 supercharged, and now comes with the 5.3 litre v8. The older monte ss is nothing to brag about, considering it has the same motor as the newer grand am gt's. the supercharged monte pushes 250 ponies and weighs around 3400 pounds. the 5.3 v8 weighs near the same and has 300 horsepower.

not sure about the v8 monte, but the 3.8 v6's could be tricky. there is a huge market for performance parts for gm's 3800 motor. not only that, that motor is nearly bullet proof. the fastest 3800 v6 runs a 9.01 on a stock short block with about 30 lbs of boost. so just watch out for regals, grand prix's, impalas, and montes, cause they could catch you off guard.
a friend of mine has a supercharged grand prix which is basically the same thing my mark walked away from him with a misfire code these cars are slow but good for the wife wouldnt want her to have something faster then you lol:burnout: :bash:
so this might sound retarded but does this ground effect fit a 93 mark VIII cause i needs some ground effects

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