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Apr 30, 2013
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First time post, been lurking for a few weeks. My grandfather recently passed away and sitting in his garage is a 2001 Silver LS V8 (I do not know any other options at this time). The kicker is it has been garage kept from day one and has 12k on the clock all stock!!!

I can probably purchase this for approx $5,000, but it would be a third car. I plan on making it the daily driver delegating my 08 Dodge Ram diesel to towing duties. I would appreciate a little help with a few questions:

1) I have read about tranny, cooling, and coil issues. With 12k on the clock how long do you think I have before I run into these issues, or because it is 12 years old it could be any day?

2) Can I expect about 19-20 mpg on mix of city/hwy driving?

3) Is the car worth 5k?

I need the car to be reliable and not need any repairs for some time if I want to not hear about it every day from the wife. She is already not thrilled about the idea of spending $5,000 right now, but it feels like too good of a deal to pass up. Thoughts?

I will be driving it down for my day in the next week or two and will be in a better place to decide about the car itself then. Thanks!!
Its really hard to tell.. If it was well maintained for its 12K then it should be great!!! Yes its worth the 5K! MPG is a little high, but it depends on your driving. Mine has been extremely reliable though...

there are a ton of variables but if the car was maintained then why not? What other car are you going to find with such low mileage for $5k?
I think of the issues you listed, only tranny could be a problem at low miles since the solenoid issues didn't seem to be mileage related. But the solenoids didn't affect everyone. The rest, at 12k and assuming good care, won't bother you for some time.
Too bad that 12K 2001 Silver LS V8 is not near me in Canada, I'd gladly take that off your hands for 5 grand.

Car is in mint condition as far as I'm concerned, given how and by whom it was taken care of, I can only guess your grandfather babied it on the weekends.

12yr old car, I'd change some fluids and keep an eye on the rubber and plastic parts.
Check tires for cracks, inspect it fully as it has been sitting more than driven.

Condolences on the passing of your grandfather, all the best to your family, strength and best wishes.

However I would tell the wife to mind her own business and drive that LS in memory of Pops, taking good care of it as much as he did.

12K miles ... grab it and don't look back. Nice car, well worth it.
^ I wouldn't recommend that, since the hood is aluminum, it will dent very easy!:shifty:
is it worth it HELL YEA. now as for the issues lets brake it down
1. number one issue with this car is coils and gaskets with the amount of miles and if and that's a big IF it was properly maintained then you should have no issues no time soon.
2. cooling parts. again with the amount of miles you should have no issues even though these parts fail because of a combination of coolant deteriorating the plastic and also heat warping the plastics but if it was well maintained and serviced like the manual says then you should be fine with no issues.
3. tranny. the issue is the solenoid and since it is a sealed tranny there is no real test. just take it for a test drive. but with the amount of mileage I will take that chance with my eyes closed.

also with the amount of miles you can get factory warrenty premium care that covers everything for around $1500 if you so desire and it will cover the 36k and 3 years and its like having a brand new car again. but heck with the amount of miles just get it and if you don't like it sell it I got 5k **** I will pick it up so will most members here. also post some pics and we can tell you most of the options you have or not.
12yr old car, I'd change some fluids.....
12K miles ... grab it and don't look back. Nice car, well worth it.

Don't forget to change the hydraulic cooling fan fluid.

I bought two in the last month with 48k and 45k respectively. I paid more than that for both of them. These cars are a hobby to me, I feel like they kind of chose me..lol. So buy it and be happy with it. It will provide years of service in my opinion. If you don't want it, please be kind and give us here at LVC a shot at it. I would love to own it! Send a PM to me if you choose not to buy it for yourself. Also, my condolences on the loss of your family member. May the good lord comfort the family.
Thanks for all the help. I had the same opinion as you guys, just nice to hear from those in the game. I am more of a chevy guy and had not put any thought towards an LS until it fell into my lap. I have always liked gramps car though. I will post back if I get it and be on here much more. Way too much research here to pass up :)

Thank you all for you kind words and thoughts on my grandfather.

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