Wixom and Lorain built

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  1. 2005 Lincoln LS V8
    Like the rims on the LS.. Are they Jaguar Type R? What size? Dimensions, Tire Sizes etc?
    1. SteveSC
      Jaguar xf 19x8.5 49mm offset 255 35 19.
      SteveSC, Jul 26, 2020
  2. laserp viii
    Really nices toys
  3. Svets96
    Cool car collection. That Thunderbird looks very good.
  4. MarkEricRoth
    Once upon a time in Wixom, there were Lincolns such as these...
    Your manual car looks to be a dead ringer our '00 manual when we first got it home and shined it up.
  5. Mark Kovalsky

    In 1992 Thunderbirds and Cougars were built in Lorain, Ohio. The LS was built in Wixom, about 5 miles from where I lived at that time.

    I also have a 2002 manual trans LS.
    1. SteveSC
      Better? I fixed it, yes the Tbird was built in Lorain, I was mainly referring to the manual transmission, rear wheel drive and independent rear suspension. They also are both v6 engines with similar horsepower (not torque though). Also 4 wheel disc brakes and ABS.
      SteveSC, May 28, 2020
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