Rock's 2000 V6 LS

This is the journey of my LS from how I got it (the mess I got it in I should say) to the completion of the build which I hope will include Scissor or Butterfly front doors and Suicide rear doors. I got in need of some love and been going hard at it

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My 2000 Lincoln LS with the 3.0 V6 came with only 4 issues I was told which were
1-Driver's door handle inside required door lock be pulled very hard with handle to open the door ( 3 days ago the door handle part broke leaving next to no handle to pull ;but thankfully the car came with a new inner door handle assembly.
2-Cup holder on the console doesn't stay clipped open and requires something to be wedged between it and E-brake handle or else it will fall over towards driver without notice and dump whatever drink is in it on you.
3-Glove box had nothing to stop it from opening all the way and dumping the contents out.
4-Rad fan has been converted to electric and run by a switch on the floor near drivers door seat switches.
First off the guy who sold it to me described it as "runs perfect and is reliable" before it overheated and left me stranded less than an hour after buying the car. I had to do 40km for 2 hours to get to my parents driveway where I slept until morning so my dad (licensed Ford mechanic and works at a dealership) could hook it up to his Ford program filled Toughbook and see what the problem was and it turned out to only be 2 coils (1 and 6). Secondly I have the same Transmission issue many people here have of getting the E displayed until I turn car off and on ;but I found driving in D4 alleviates the problem from happening pretty much completely. I am really hesitant to change the solenoid pack as I've read a couple posts here and elsewhere saying that it isn't even the actual problem ;but will more than likely just change it anyways next trip to the mainland to see my dad to get my key fobs programmed seeing as my friends Snapon crazy scan tool can't get into the DDM section to do it and the local dealership said it will be probably over 001 bucks to program 2 fobs for me.
I did have to replace the Stabalizer Bearing and one other part near there after being left stranded and without wheels. That was another 640$ on top of the roughly $300 getting the coils and a sensor when I first bought it for $1500.
The car came with 20 inch Boss rims (chrome) nice low pro (but all different brand) tires in need of being replaced soon. It also came with HID headlights,a Pioneer double din touchscreen DVD deck (old 2300 model),intake and aftermarket 6 x 9's in the rear that aren't even hooked up to anythiing. The engine was also replaced less than 50,000km ago as implied by the yellow chalk written under hood.
I've done a bunch of small cosmetic stuff that has really made the car stand out nicely.
I have also been changing out the interior and exterior light bulbs with SMD leds. These are some basic pictures of the car the picture with the skulls in the front windshield being the newest and I have a bunch more cosmetic stuff I'm doing right away.


Looks good man. It's the same exact color as my 2001 v8 and I dont see the color a lot but I like it the best of all the colors I've seen

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