Poor lincoln guy

  • Bought my 87 from a deceased man's estate. It doesn't appear to have been driven in the winter cause the paint is perfect and there's no rust. She has only been driven 4kmi in the last 13 years And has an issue or 2 I gotta iron out but she still looks new on the outside. Aside from being dirty. This is my second mark vii, my last was a purple 89 lsc and I also owned a 96 mark viii. hands down some of my favorite cars and ive had quite a few cars. Ill post picks of some of my past babies and the work i did to them (i do all my own work) enjoy, and happy to be here 20181201_151747.jpg 20181201_151809.jpg 20181201_151729.jpg 20181201_151825.jpg 20181201_151747.jpg 20181201_151809.jpg 20181201_151729.jpg 20181201_151825.jpg

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  1. olddavid
    That is spotless. And an eastern car to boot! It appears you and I share the "more than two doors is a waste" theory.
  2. amarine1
    Very nice. :)
  3. GarnetRedMK8
    Wow, what a fortunate find!
    I am happy for ya, its like new, rare finds in rare condition, what was your winning bid?
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