Koop's Newly acquired Lincoln fetish

  • Old Blue is the first Lincoln that either my wife or I have owned. We purchased it in the middle of June this year.
    It is a 1995 Portofino Blue Base model with a Landau top, Ivory leather interior, and Dayton Wire Wheels. It has an Arnott Spring Conversion Kit that lowers the car about 1 1/2". It showed a bit over 114,000 miles the day we bought it.
    1995 Mark VIII Special Edition:left.jpg
    The previous owner had Flowmaster Mufflers installed on the single exhaust, which I plan to convert to true duals, with at least one X pipe, as soon as we return home in August.
    Rear view:low:cropped.JPG
    I installed a K & N air filter immediately after purchasing it. We have also changed the oil to Mobil 1 synthetic 10W30 and changed to a Fram ultra oil filter, had the alignment done, a transmission flush, and new Michelin X Tour Tires installed on it.
    Last week we drove it 1400+ miles from Arizona to Spokane Washington on our July vacation.
    Ol Blue Rocks & Pines.JPG
    Our parts car is a 1995 LSC in Ivory Pearlescent White with Saddle tan interior. It sports a 90,000 mile seized up engine. We purchased it last week prior to leaving on vacation. It is completely original stock except for the American Racing Maverick 5 spoke Anthracite wheels.
    I am not sure what my future plans for this car are, but I know it is far too nice to strip and crush.

    Pearl being loaded on tow truck.jpg
    Pearl arriving Home.jpg
    12/24/18 Update: Ivory Pearl has a newly rebuilt engine and has become my driver and 1st LSC.
    (Ol' Blue is still Sue's favorite by far)
    Here are pics of a few of our other vehicles.....All are Ford types, but not all "Blue Ovals"
    1997 Mercury Mountaineer (Ruby):
    Ruby Left Front:cropped.JPG
    88 Turbo Coupe (Honeymoon Limo):
    B B left side.JPG
    1986 Mustang GT (White Lightning):
    1984 Mustang SVO (Rowdy):
    SVO Left wallyworld:cropped.JPG We also have a pair of 97 Accord wagons that are our grocery getters in Arizona & Washington............I know, I know, what do two people need that many cars for?

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  1. Old Blue
    Just a good news update to our situation. Black Bird, the 88 Tbird turbo coupe and White Lightning, the 86 Mustang GT have new homes, and our two garages have been somewhat cleaned out. That means that we are able to squeeze all the cars into garages except Ruby & our old grocery getter, Accord wagon.

  2. Old Blue
    Our 88 Turbo Coupe and our 86 GT convertible now have new homes, as we attempt to trim down on the amount of vehicles we own.
    Our 95 Pearl LSC was towed to Phx for an engine rebuild last Thursday, if all goes well there, it will not be used as a parts car, but as my personal Mark, & Sue gets Ol' Blue as her personal driver.
  3. germansheperd
    Nice group of toys. You wont be bored and always have something to tinker with!
    1. Old Blue
      Thank you for the kind words germanshepherd.
      You are correct about not being bored, I do always have at least one of them that is begging for attention.
      I will probably be selling either the Turbo Coupe or the convertible before too long, because I lack enough garage space for all.
      Old Blue, Jul 16, 2018
  4. Svets96
    Nice car collection! Love the Fox bodies, nice Mountaineer to, that is really clean.

    I live in the North East it rots cars out from the salt. We have to store cars for the winter. Nice to see clean vintage cars in a nice dry climate.
    1. Old Blue
      Thanks for the compliment svets96. We are kind of Fox Body nuts I guess. We have owned a total of 14 various Foxes over the years.
      This is also our 4th Mountaineer......we tend to drive them into the ground. The last one had 225,000 miles on it before we sold it.

      I grew up in Iowa (The Rust Belt), so I know what you mean about the horrible "winter salt plague".
      In Arizona, it's nice, being able to enjoy driving which ever one we choose, any time of year.
      Ron & Sue
      Old Blue, Jul 16, 2018
      Svets96 likes this.
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