A work in progress

  • Me and my son's project he loved the car so much and it was sitting in the garage needing a motor so we are working on it together
    It's been an awesome bonding time for us we both are huge lincoln fans and the ls is one of our favorite's.
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  1. fb2000hd
    i am deeding rod bearings for a rebuild 2002 3.9 v/8.....do you by chance have a source
  2. fb2000hd
  3. Dan Ireland
    I like the wing on the back. Ours doesn't have one.
  4. Lincoln Lad
    This is what my father and I used to do! I miss the good old days. Just endless car talk and NO novel coronavirus!
  5. 04LSLincoln
    Your son has great taste ;D
  6. FlavourShot
    Love seeing stuff like this, keep us updated!
  7. Svets96
    Great job for sure dude. Good Luck with the projects. That shade of blue on that LS is one color I haven't seen in a long time. It will clean up very well.
  8. Mikemze
    Nice work bro
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