2017 Cadillac XTS

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After 19 years of owning a superb 1999 Lincoln Continental with EVERY factory option possible (added about $15k - $20k++ to the MSRP as I recall), I gave the Lincoln to my 17 year-old nephew who just got his license. I then bought a 2017 Certified Cadillac XTS. I did look at the new Lincolns, but just could not get excited about any of them - not even the new Continental. The 1999 Continental was the 5th Continental that I've owned during my lifetime - starting in the early 1980s. I also owned 3 Cadillacs during this same period as well (primarily Seville and Eldorado), including the "baby" Eldorado (1986).

The 1999 Lincoln stayed in the garage most of the time. I had a BMW 5 series company car that I used daily. The Continental was used only in nice warmer dry weather (live in NJ) and even after 19 years and only ~50k miles, the factory black paint looked absolutely stunning. Interior was light grey.

Now it is the Cadillac's turn to be pampered. It is garaged, but it is also my daily use car. Also, it will be subjected to all kinds of weather. I bought it with 8k miles. Cadillac offers a 4 year/50k factory warranty vs. 3/36 for the Buick Lacrosse and Chevy Impala (which are basically the same cars as Cadillac's XTS). Then I'll get an additional 2 year limited warranty because it is a Certified Cadillac.



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