2005 Lincoln LS 3.0 from Vancouver BC

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  1. RockLSonDubz
    They're both nice! You from Van? I'm from Surrey/Langley area ;but recently moved to the island.
    My 2000 V6 LS on 20's with some Carbon Fiber vinyl wrap accents (like pillars on the exterior and few other spots),skulls in the front window and just chrome exhaust tips is a serious head turner out here and I'm constantly getting approached by people and told I have a really nice car. Pretty much feels like I have the nicest car in Port Alberni lol , I'm loving the love though that's for sure.
    I'm pretty sure my car must be a LVC forum members car (well old car) as it has lots of the things I see posted here done like the intake,electric fan (with switch not thermometer grrr) and a few other mods (for lack of a better term) I've seen talked about on here.
    1. MysticMac
      Hey man, Yeah I'm in the Tri-City area, yep I love the look of the LS, it definitely get's peoples attention. If you ever come back to the main land holler at me.
      MysticMac, Nov 16, 2017
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