2002 Lincoln LS Sport Charcole on Black

  • Bought this 2002 Lincoln LS Sport at an auto auction. It has 39,000 original miles on the 3.9 V8. It is in great shape, but that doesn't mean I can't improve on it right?

    Month 1: Did some salvage yard searching and found a few interior pieces that were either missing or damaged:
    1. Third brake light housing and lens was completely melted through. Found a replacement for $10 and installed an LED to keep the heat down
    2. Driver's door courtesy light was broken and the lens was missing. Drilled out a salvage car's housing to retro fit into my door.
    3. Had a mechanic replace all 8 coils and plugs (Duralast coils - lifetime warranty, and Bosch double platinum plugs) - we'll see how they do...
    4. Replaced an outer tie rod end for inspection
    5. Replaced passenger front window regulator
    6. Wrapped the interior wood grain panels and center console with a dark red vinyl wrap
    7. Found a set of winter tires already mounted on a set of 16" MOMO Win Pro rims. Not loving the 16" but it'll do for the first winter
    8. Played around with some pin striping ideas. Not settled yet on a design, but definitely channeling the 80's Monte Carlo SS for inspiration

    Things needed:
    1. Both sun visor clips are broken, but have yet to find the charcoal color on a donor car.
    2. The factory black paint is seriously cracked and chipped. The plan is to either fix the spots and get it wrapped in gloss black, or have the entire car stripped and painted base coat/clear coat, wet sanded and buffed. IMG_1808.jpg IMG_1808.jpg IMG_1809.jpg IMG_1811.jpg IMG_1813.jpg IMG_1815.jpg IMG_1819.jpg IMG_1827.jpg IMG_1830.jpg IMG_1831.jpg IMG_1832.jpg
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  1. Moneybagzz87
    Do you know where I can find a chrome grill for this model? I know they dont make parts any more but I was hoping I can get lucky. I have a 2002 Ls V8 3.9 but the way... thanks.
  2. LoveTheLS
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