2001 Lincoln LS 6 Pacific Blue M

  • IMG_20180403_124056952_HDR.jpg lsvin.jpg Just picked up the this super clean
    2001 Lincoln LS V6 sport Manual transmission. 00y0y_lJETTBZIIYi_600x450.jpg 01616_4HbN4ukW6jB_600x450.jpg 00Z0Z_j7XU5HxOnqx_600x450.jpg

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  1. tireman
    Nice, I have that car, w/automatic, 17 years. Paint still looks like new.
  2. MarkEricRoth
    Beautiful Car! Wish ours was that color. How did you find one with both 2cupholders and a manual?
  3. BlacksonAudio
    That’s my car except I don’t have a manual. Your car is clean!!!! Look my garage photos up... I’ve ipgraded a few cosmetics
  4. HyeLifeLS
    Wow! What a find!
  5. tireman
    I have the exact same car with automatic trans. 17 years of ownership. Sweet deal. Here is what you need to know. The rubber boots on the vacuum line from the throttle body to the back of the engine are weak and crack leaving you with a rough running engine. Also under the engine cover you will see a "T" hose going back into the intake manifold before the throttle body. Go the the Depot or Lowes and get a new copper "T" found in the plumbing and some 1/4" gas line, replace that thin crap ford vacuum lines on the "T" that go to the valve covers. Keep an eye on antifreeze loss. The hose above the thermostat has a pressed seam that likes to come apart and you will overheat quickly. After 17 years I've had every failure there is, in this car. Shoot me a message if you need help.
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