2000 Lincoln LS V8 Progress

  • Bought this car with 139K miles in the summer of 2017 for $500 cash. Seller had tried to connect a salvage yard electric fan as the hyro fan wasn't working, and in the process, blew the PCM fuse and let the car sit almost 3 years because it wouldn't start..i kid you not. Had the car running in under half an hour after getting it towed home. I converted the fan to electric using a 16'' Spal fan mated to an aluminum shroud controlled by a AUTO COOL 85 PWM CONTROLLER and eliminated the fan pump while disassembly to upgrade the entire timing chain. I installed the controller in the dash behind the access panel on the passenger side. I purchased the controller from:


    Over the past year and a half I have added Gen 2 halogen headlights, but retained the Gen 1 bumper doing some mods to the lights and bumper support. A Gen 2 LSE rear spoiler, new LSE rear plate bezel, 2006 front grille, 2006 folding mirrors with LED puddle lamps, 18'' Volvo XC90 wheels, 1'' lowering springs, complete front and rear suspension new, and brand new NOS carpet. Audio upgrades were a 7'' touchscreen Pioneer, Focal Expert 6 1/2 components in the front, Focal 5x7 coaxial's in the rear doors, and Focal ISU570 5" x 7" components in the rear deck area installed in the prem audio option ABS enclosure. The enclosure speakers and tweeters powered by a FOCAL SOLID2 BLACK 2 CHANNEL amp. All door panels and rear deck plastics were spray dyed factory Ford graphite shades and other interior upgrades was a NOS shift assembly, walnut steering wheel, and USB ports added to the passenger side walnut molding area for smartphone charging. Other upgrades were LED brake, signal, fog, and interior overhead lamp lights.

    Pics added will begin with how the car looked when i bought it, got it home, some mods mentioned done, and how it looks now.

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  1. Svets96
    Amazing job. That car looks brand new, great work you have done.
  2. V8inMA
    Nice work !
      Carl Smith likes this.
  3. AmsterDutch
    Truly unbelievable...I’m speechless...you transformed this beautifully
      Carl Smith likes this.
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