1998 Mark VIII LSC

  • 1998 LSC
    4.10 gears with Trac-Lok
    24,000 GVW trans cooler
    Thrush Turbo mufflers
    Window tint 30%
    SCT Tuner
    Heavy duty battery
    255/40/R18 tires

    The car has just under 120,000 miles. It's rust free and is a dream to drive. The interior is as clean as the outside.

    10a.jpg 11a.jpg 12a.jpg

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  1. Svets96
    Great looking Mark VIII.

    Really like the metallic green, I'm thinking its medium charcoal green.. Those wheels look great, and great addition to the car.

    Props for a clean immaculate well kept Mark!
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    2. balboa454
      I'll check it out for sure. The weather has been so bad here with all the rain that I rarely get a chance to drive the car.

      Oh I just did a quick peek on your resto thread. Your car looks terrific. I'm going to read that thread now.
      balboa454, Jun 16, 2019
    3. Svets96
      I hear ya about the rain same here.

      Thank you I appreciate it. Need help reach out to me, where there's a will there is a way!
      Svets96, Jun 16, 2019
      balboa454 likes this.
    4. balboa454
      Yes I will need help for sure and am willing to give help if I can as well. I'm coming from a hot rod g-body Cutlass to the Mark VIII. Huge difference!
      balboa454, Jun 16, 2019
      Svets96 likes this.
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