1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

  • Bought in late March 2004 with 46,912 miles from original owner.

    Cosmetic Mods:
    Sensor Lowered 1" front & rear
    Mild tint on rear 3-windows
    Gold Emblems on Wheels, Front and Rear
    Gold "Mark VIII 32v. . ." and "LSC" badges

    Performance Mods:
    "J-Mod" to transmission (mild set-up)
    K&N Pannel Filter
    Motorcraft ASWFA-12-C Spark Plugs

    Before perfomance mods the car ran a best stock 1/4 mile ET of 15.420 @ 92.713 mph. I will bring out to track soon to see what the mods above have done to my time.

    See more photos at:

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  2. Nakoa
  3. 215VIII
    Hot! As soon as I get the money I will be upgrading my 94 to a 97 or 98.
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