1992 Lincoln Town Car

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I got myself a 1992 Lincoln Town Car Jack Nicklaus Edition. It is the factory forest green with factory white leather. I have upgraded to a limo alternator for the sound system I am currenty installing. I currently have hydraulics also. I have 8 batteries and a 3 pump Showtime setup with 8" cylinders up front and 12" cylinders in the rear. I have 14" chrome Mclean wire rims and also tinted windows. My friend installed the hydraulics last summer but I am redoing the entire trunk with a friend right now and am adding qutie a bit of reinforcements and upgrades. I am taking progress pics, so when I am done I will post the tear down and build up of my trunk. Well, here are a few pics to get an idea of what my lincoln looks like...


VERY VERY Cool.......... Ncie work and thanks for sharing! Maybe make a post about whats involved in making this kind of mod...........

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