1992 Lincoln Town Car

  • I got myself a 1992 Lincoln Town Car Jack Nicklaus Edition. It is the factory forest green with factory white leather. I have upgraded to a limo alternator for the sound system I am currenty installing. I currently have hydraulics also. I have 8 batteries and a 3 pump Showtime setup with 8" cylinders up front and 12" cylinders in the rear. I have 14" chrome Mclean wire rims and also tinted windows. My friend installed the hydraulics last summer but I am redoing the entire trunk with a friend right now and am adding qutie a bit of reinforcements and upgrades. I am taking progress pics, so when I am done I will post the tear down and build up of my trunk. Well, here are a few pics to get an idea of what my lincoln looks like...

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  1. klenard
    cool car! I have a 95 towncarbut it isn't that sweet!!!
  2. Randeaux
    Just as classy as it is beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished!
  3. Joeychgo
    VERY VERY Cool.......... Ncie work and thanks for sharing! Maybe make a post about whats involved in making this kind of mod...........
  4. jdlmkviii
    whoa, very cool!
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