1978 Lincoln Continental

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This car is the newest addition to my small but humble collection. It is a Creme Town Car with matching full vinyl roof and gold velour seats. [Note the first three pics were during sunset, so the color looks more intense than usual. The picture with the blue wax still on the white-walls is probably the best representation in general]

I bought it in August, 2004 from the original owner and have since replaced the carburetor, heater core, brake master cylinder and lines, ignition components, trunk weather stripping, and various interior pieces. I am usually not a big fan of dash mats, but being a flat dash, and having found tan velour mats, I got them for the front and rear deck, which looks good with the gold velour seats.

On the more "fun" modification side, I put on the chrome 100-spoke knock-off wheels. I mounted a tachometer on the steering column wrapping the hose clamp in velour and wrapping the gauge itself in walnut veneer. I made it look like some kind of obscure option instead of purely aftermarket. The car now has a 900 watt stereo system complete with all new Crystal speakers, Tweeters on the A-pillars, a powered sub enclosure in the trunk, cassette and a CD changer. No cutting was done and all new wires were used, so the system can be converted back to stock with no trace of there ever having been any change. I also added a bar of green neon below the dash, two yellow neon bars hidden behind the grill (the bars themselves are not visible, and all bracketry was made of aluminum and stainless steel), mirror ball hanging from the rear view mirror, and a functioning disco ball that turns and lights up on the rear deck, since that time-appropriate funkadelic music is what's predominantly in the CD changer.

The car has been an absolute blast to drive - it's amazing how many looks, thumbs up, and positive comments this 19'5" car gets! I was looking for a Town Car since I wanted opera windows. I didn't really want a Mark V, and the Town Coupe does not have opera windows available. Of the 1977-1979 style, I preferred the '78 because the rear wheel is not fully covered, like the '77 (and older), and the '79 does not have the 460 as an optional engine. Of course, they are all nice and I would not have turned away a good example of any of them.

I hope one day to take this to an autocross and see what I can do - probably take out all the cones and pi$$ everyone off :)

Thanks for looking!
Eric S.


Very, very nice! I love that body style. They look so elegant. You keep it very nice, by the way.

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78 Continental
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