1956 Continental Mark II Convertible

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This is the first of two Continental Mark II created for Ford Motor Company.

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Barry Wolk
Farmington Hills, MI


I read about that car in Cars & Parts. Really unusual. I didn't know they made convertibles at all. It's great!
hello barry. you are a lucky man, who ownes this car. im a norwegian mark II owner. it`s a 1955 chnumber c56a1842.
You're a lucky man to own such a classic beauty.......the only car I can think of that even comes close in beauty and simplicity (the most beautiful things in life are usually simple in execution, aren't they?!) is the 1957 Thunderbird..........gorgeous car!!!!!!!.......I'm jealous.......wish I knew where I could get one.........Ed.
There's a picture of your car in a book on the history of the mustang. Ever since I saw the picture of it, I fell in love. Same color as yours as well. A true work of art. I read that Ford lost money on every one that was built, do you know if this is true or not? I approve of your car, and give 2 thumbs up, not that you needed my approval to feel good about your beauty.
Hi Barry, Nice lookin' Continental!!! Could you show a great close up of the Lin. emblem?

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