06 stinking lincoln


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Love this car thru all the issues and getting them all worked out at the end of the day this car is just fun.


Mvh-300ex added a mini amp to rear deck subs added tweeters to a pillar and 1 12 inch sub to trunk in sealed enclosure for space sounds pretty good stock door speakers kicker 6x9 component to rear used tweeter from set for a pillar
I love mine too man have the same interior as you! at 84k miles now :) been having the parking brake issue starting to bother me lately its been getting worse now it just beeps constantly and tells me to service parking break anytime i drive it just about ..parking break engages and disengages fine though
If the battery was disconnected it will do that if you dont do the proper cycle thru process so if you disconnect the battery put both terminals together and let sit for 30mins or so reconnect battery start car no aux running let idle for a min or so then turn on aux like ac radio etc etc let idle for another min then put foot on brake turn on ebrake turn off then drive at cruising speed for 30 mins that should adjust everything in ecu and tcu hope that helps alittle
Just redid head lights today. 650grit 1000grit 3000grit wet sand rinse 1st layer of clearcoat 15 mins 2nd coat 15mins final heavy coat bake in sun for 45 mins at 85 degrees reinstall looks brand new.
Just upgraded radio again wanted the android auto so I went with the dmh1500nex have to say the radio is clean and has all the goodies.

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