01 lincoln ls v8

  • Engine Specifications:
    Small ass v8
    [*]aspirated by pushing the pedal air flowing into intake
    Engine Misc.: thread taped vacuum fittings, Pcv system comprised of a bunch of couplers and vacuums from random leaks
    Turbocharger & Induction:
    I heard that's too ridiculously hard, plus, my car was $1800. If I wanted a turbo car I would have bought another KO4 turbo'd passat

    Fuel & Tuning:
    Fueling is gasoline, "petrol" in Europe and other regions, 93 except when I'm poor, tuning? Oh yeah I love rock and some gangster rap, at the same time
    Mufflers cut off needs supports, rattles

    Umm... Motor (small one) mated to an Auto that never downshifts when I ask unless I'm driving by a cop
    Weight reduction & transfer:
    Took the kids' car seats out, occasionally remove/disperse trash
    Suspension, wheels & tires:
    Bald different brand rears, rims are "ion" 5 spokes, spray painted. Say what?
    Leather seats have rips taped
    Fuel/setting buttions depressed into dash, noice
    Window on passenger from duct taped cuz I'm lazy

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  1. Whitefright
    I don't take it too seriously but I do like it run like a champ especially when I'm tryin to pass a 99-04 mustang gt, all of which I have tested I have dominated
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