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    Thanks for all the help and support

    Well guys I just sold my LS last Friday. It was hard seeing it being driven away. I just wanted to thank all the guys here for their help, support and laughs i really enjoyed being a member here. I'll still be a Lincoln lover by heart im going to go pick it up on Friday. MARK LT fully loaded...
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    benifits of an ls

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    Trading in 05 G35 Sedan for 04 LS V8?

    Get the G35
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    another street race :P

    nice race but isnt the SC430 300hp 325TQ 0-60 in 6 sec?
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    Well aren't LVCers just the :q:q:q:q:q:q:qs of the century....

    Sorry to burst your bubble but umm the LS used to be a rental car also.
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    My 2005 black Lincoln LS v6

    i thinks its missing the factory chrome wheels and the 6 cd stereo system. Mines didnt come with adjustable pedals :( but had everything else :)
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    Quick Exhaust Question....

    Unless your car has some kind of FI i wouldn't use Quik as a reference to get 2.5 :)
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    Mach 1 still lip for Lincoln Ls. Will it fit? What need to be done?

    USE THE DAMN SEARCH BUTTON!!! i vote new users have to have 50 post before they can make a thread!
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    Spraypainted Ls

    please tell me ur gonna call the cops and get this fixed?
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    Header Group Buy

    are these for the V6 also?
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    Trade in for the Genesis

    U mean the IS-F and the GS-F
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    Got My New Wheels

    nice!!!! ull love those tires!
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    Question With Low Profile Tires????

    thanks man i appreciate it. Yea thats what im running but unfortunately shes sitting in the garage while i play with my Fairlady Z.
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    Question With Low Profile Tires????

    falken fk-452 245/35/20
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    Lexus Lawsuit against Lincoln

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    Son of a B*TCH!

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    Windsheild Wiper Blades

    anco contour
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    BBS Jaguar 20's on Ebay!!

    2g's for stock wheels from another car!
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    Fix up or sell as is ?