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    aviator shocks/struts

    I'm pretty sure you would have to go the dealer route .I looked into aftermarket before no luck.
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    considering buying an aviator: question!!!

    When this vehicle is running it's great especially in the winter awd is sweet .Gas mileage is 15 - 16 l / 100kms so if you hate buying (premium) gas this is the wrong vehicle for you I've had to replace........ ball joints frnt wheel hubs x 2 brake calipers x 2 engine pulley rear window...
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    aviator transmission slipping

    My transmission has been slipping on my 03 aviator .I have 231,000 kms on mine it`s been overreving and shuddering when changing gears .So I`m getting a new one for $2500 cause i want to keep the truck .I did a flush on it before but i guess that it now. I am the second owner so who knows how...
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    2005 lincoln aviator

    I tried to replace mine but I couldn't find any that fit.
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    buying questions

    what to buy Well I have a 03 aviator. If you put down the back seats or middle seats down you get alot of room back there.The navi is big same with the LT so if you don't need the size get the AVI .If you need more size the Nav will work but it can't replace a pickup LT so pick your poison...
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    Aviator Throttle Gremlins?

    re: I remember reading somewhere in the owners manual that putting the car in neutral won't make the engine rpm's go down it said something about when your going down hills. did you ever get your trottle body cleaned /serviced .You can do it yourself just get some intake cleaner & a baby...
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    Aviator brakes & abs sensor

    Got to take some pics had problems posting them before as for the brakes It cost me $450 .4 cross drilled rotors wagner super quiet front and rear pads & parking brake shoes. Did all the work myself.:D
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    Aviator brakes & abs sensor

    Thanx for the non responces I figured it out.
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    Aviator brakes & abs sensor

    I needed to do my front brakes on my 2003 lincoln aviator .I bought cross drilled rotors did the fronts .Now to do the rears there is a nut on the outside of the rotor does anyone know what size it is I want to know which socket iI should buy.Also my ABS light is coming on and off anyone else...
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    Aviators in the snow?

    I have a 03 aviator awd. I live in Ontario Canada & we get mad snow up here and it handles every senario great. The wife takes the aviator which has all season tires instead of our mazda protege with snow tires.:D
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    Aviators in the snow?

    I have a 03 aviator awd I live in Ontario Canada we get mad snow up here and it's great the wife takes the aviator which has all season tires instead of our mazda protege with snow tires.:D
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    New Aviator-few questions

    I wondered the same thing .Look for a diff in the front .That's the best way to find out.
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    Need Help!!!!!

    Hey everyone I bought a 2003 Lincoln Aviator with the rear dvd system .It didn't come with the wireless headphones or remote .Does anyone know which ones will work ? I was told any ford ,lincoln or mercury remote & headphones will work cause there the same frequency .I can get a set from a 2004...
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    Buying the 07' Navigator

    navigatorboyz were do you live ? I live in milton ontario 30 mins north of stoney creek.
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    Got an 03 Aviator

    Still waiting said car will be ready monday .Waiting for finance company to deliver the check.Dealer replaced ball joints ,cops and brake pads. They said the truck is up to par now.Can't wait I'm in a poker tourney tommorrow hope I win some gas money LOL.:p
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    2007 'Gator Road Test and Review

    The only good thing about that is it runs on 87 octane gas.The dash is hurting & looks like it came out of a ford galaxie.
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    Lowering Kit

    I seen a lowering kit for lincoln aviator 03 - 06 .It doesn't say if its for AWD or 2WD ? .It drops the AVI 2.25'' front & 2.00'' rear .I saw it on auto parts warehouse.:D hope this helps there should be others out there.
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    2001 mazda mpv

    Hey everyone I bought a 2003 lincoln aviator so i'm selling my 2001 mazda mpv lx with 170km if interested let me know. $7200 obo thanx :D
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    Got an 03 Aviator

    thanks captainalias:D
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    fiberglass tailgate?

    put a team sticker on your rear glass