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    compressor will not turn off? Looks like i have a lift kit.

    I held a air compressor today, it has a red, black, blue and white wire set, what does the blue and white go to and operate
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    Well Snap i got an oil leak

    I was quoted $125. for just the gasket change, they did not mention oil n coolant.
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    Glitch Ballast not like the original ballast

    it appears to me the Glitch ballast needs to be turned down just a little, small difference between brakes applied and park lights on, IMHO
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    Finally done! Not perfect but done..

    All you need now is a transparent hood !!!! Looks awesome
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    Secondary air injection pump (smog pump)

    thanks for all this info, I will be doing mine soon, where is the relay for the pump located, does it look like the ABS relay?
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    drove around town :)
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    cleaning 2nd gen lightbar

    137 views no reply, wow
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    thanks. I will give it a try and post my results
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    my front seats are straining to move back and forth, can they be lubed with grease? 97
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    mileage display circuit board

    Gman"I have some instrument clusters in my box of parts. " I have a 97 Mark 8 and I am in need of a digital mileage display. The circuit board is about the size of a match box, it has a ribbon plug on the back and the digital display on the front. it has 2 or 4 screws holding it inside of...
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    speedometer ?

    The Mark VIII version of Christine. "that might be it" :)
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    speedometer ?

    the mileage only shows 44302, at 44311 it resets back to 44302
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    speedometer ?

    Thanks, I have'nt had any charging problems and my mileage counter will not advance pass 10 miles before resetting itself.
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    speedometer ?

    I have a 97 that keeps resetting the mileage counter every 10 miles. It is stuck on a 10 mile loop. when it resets back, all the dash indicators light up as if I just turn the key on, tach and speedometer drop to zero the return to normal until i reach another 10 mile of travel. Is this a dash...
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    WTB: wiper switch

    i got 1 from the junk yard off off an explorer, all I need was the spring
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    Climate Control

    I was told it comes on to keep the compressor from seizing up from lack of usage during winter months, my mechanic's explanation.
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    i was curious if it was bad to let it sit that long or more beneficial.
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    Has anyone left seafoam in their engine for a couple of hours before burning it out, instead of 15-20 minutes? Is this inadvisable? Talked to a guy who said he always let his seafoam treatment sit for hours.
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    $600 1993 white/grey Mark VIII Phoenix AZ

    1800 miles too far, driving to the east coast soon?
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    local pick-up 31907

    That may earn you a dog biscuit ~