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    Braided Stainless hose adapter question

    For you guys who have done the rear Braided Stainless brake line swap; do you remember what the adapters/adapter sizes were? I have the kit, but the adapters are gone.
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    MKVIII rear window removal

    Anyone have a good run-down on how to remove the rear window on our MKVIIIs?
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    OLD MEMBER - New Account - Advice needed!!

    The GT Turbo is a typical Ohio car, so I had no reservations about resto-modding it. The '88 T-Coupe, again it is not pristine and museums already have showpieces. Among the other non-MKVIII projects I have are a 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 convertible, originally a 318/auto car but dad and I...
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    OLD MEMBER - New Account - Advice needed!!

    My '88 TC was a 'free' car; a friend bought it for the wheels/brakes/rear diff/hood/instrument cluster. He is installing all of that (ok, I will be installing all of it for him) into an original 12,000-mile '88 Tbird V8. He told me I could have the rest of the car for the labor. It was a...
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    OLD MEMBER - New Account - Advice needed!!

    Good choice on keeping it. I decided to keep my '97 after bouncing it off a guardrail (on the Florida Turnpike between St.Cloud and Kissimmee). The 4V has a lot of potential, and with the mods you already have, keeping that car would be your best bet. P.S: I also had an '86 Mustang GT T-top...
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    Spare tire for hub swapped Mark 8

    Any 1994+ Mustang or Crown Vic will work. Question is; are you running Cobra 13" front rotors? If so, Cobra spare OR the later CVPI 17" spare. I got mine (17" spares) from a few 2004 Crown Vic Police Interceptors sitting in my local yard (I also got the driveshaft and had it shortened to fit my...
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    Custom air struts

    Already been down this road, hang on to your wallet. None of the airbag manufacturers are cheap, especially when it comes to making something for a slip-over type set-up.
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    Windshield cowl plastic screws - what is best to use?

    I usually hit up the salvage yards (whenever a MKVIII enters) and pull this type of hardware (among other pieces). If you MUST be original, this is the only way to go. You MAY (note the word may in caps) be able to use the MN12 'Bird/Cat stuff as well.
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    Engine upgrades 1st gen

    NO need to do any head work for a slightly-more-than-stock build. The B-head will outflow your intentions in stock form. As was mentioned, your intentions for the car should dictate how you build it up.
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    white face gauges

    I know I am necromancing a long-dead thread, but it is better than starting a new one (since there may be info contained in the thread others can use). I just received the White Face Gauge kit for the 97-98 cluster from Temple Performance and could NOT be any happier! The overlay is just like...
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    ^^^ Show Off ^^^ :-) Great job, Jamie, and it looks awesome! Be proud.
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    Help with Power Steering Problem

    We have 4 F Gen-1s sitting in two salvage yards here..........
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    SC inlet tubing

    You won't gain anything by going 4" from the filter to the 3.75" inlet. If you have 'packaging' constraints to worry about, stay with 3.75" from filter to inlet.
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    help me out fellas should be a sticky?

    1) Blow-By Racing in the Tampa area 2) You have EMI coming through the radio circuit. Probably bad shielding/ground somewhere in the injector circuit. 3,4, and 5) I am useless for these as I am up in Orlando area.
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    Look who is back

    I see nothing wrong with the Satin Speedstars, or the rest of the VIII for that matter! Beautiful ride.
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    new member check it out!!!

    Dude, awesome anti-gravity mod you got going on! :-) In all honesty, it is a nice looking LSC you've got there! Welcome to the MKVIII insanity.
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    getting burned by a member

    Once again, MAN UP, answer your texts and quit hiding/trolling and we'll get this resolved. AGAIN, I told you I would refund you completely once I get my undamaged bulbs back, plus pay the shipping to get them back to me (I can prove what I say by going back into my saved text messages that you...
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    For Sale hid bulbs markup 97

    Does your headlight low-beam HID bulb have a flat plug or a round plug? From talking to Jay after the above situation started, I learned that 96 through Mid-97 HID bulbs are the flat-plug style and Late-97 through 98 HID bulbs are the round-plug style. Find out which you have first and then look...
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    For Sale hid bulbs markup 97

    As I said, return them and we will be square (instead of hiding and trolling the forums, reply to your texts). But, since that seems to NOT be your modus Operandi, we can air the laundry here and let the forum decide. I was contacted by MAG about the 3 headlight bulbs I had for sale (all...
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    For Sale 3 MKVIII factory HID bulbs

    SOLD. Moderators, please delete this thread!