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  1. bill5

    SCT Xcal2

    I understand that it may cost just north of a hundred to have Torrie build custom tunes for your particular LS. Consequently, I'll ship it for $175. That'll still give someone a pretty good break on buying a new one, particularly since this one's basically new as well.
  2. bill5

    SCT Xcal2

    The tunes presently on the device probably wouldn't be appropriate for any other LS, since they were done especially for my set up. Anyone that buys it would have to have tunes loaded that are specific to their PCM and set-up. Like I said, mine came from Torrie. Most likely, he or another...
  3. bill5

    SCT Xcal2

    Yep. I've had the "mid-range" tune on it for probably 25K miles, with super performance. I particularly like the shift points. It's crossing a 100K soon and is out of warranty, so I don't see any reason to flash it back to stock. (Probably going to sell the car sometime this year. It's in...
  4. bill5

    SCT Xcal2

    Purchased with three tunes for my 2000 LS V8 from Torrie at Fast Parts Network. I used it to flash my LS twice and don't anticipate ever needing it again. It comes in the original box with all documentation, including original receipt; like new. Paid $377, plus shipping. Asking $250 (shipped...
  5. bill5

    Stupid Brother!!!

    I could get by with 89, before I did the SCT tune. Now 89 makes the engine sound like it's coming apart. Strictly 91 now.
  6. bill5


    My average, Nashville to Atlanta and back, has been running at 27.6 mpg. I reset it when I hit the on-ramp and check it when I get off. It broke 28 mpg, coming down Monteagle Mountain, a 12-mile-long downhill grade.
  7. bill5


    Got those eyebrows from Ken as well. Ken, you still marketing those? (I know you had some heavier vinyl ones after this series.)
  8. bill5


    Borla. (Those were the tips that came with the system.) Best mod I ever did, after the CAI.
  9. bill5


    Appreciate it! I'll throw in a couple more taken after I added the lower grille. (Sorry for the thread hijack here.)
  10. bill5


    Well you know how it is... the urge to take a couple pics, just after you sweated your ass off waxing it. :)
  11. bill5


    I've always liked the McClaren grille, particularly on a black LS. Here's a not too great pic of mine; with eyebrows and monochrome emblem. (I've added a lower grille to match, since this was taken.)
  12. bill5

    Leaky rearview

    Replace it before it damages your console. Get ready to spend roughly a hundred bucks.
  13. bill5

    Coil Help!

    To my recollection, this issue has nothing to do with coil version, it's all about leaky valve cover gaskets that are most likely shorting them out.
  14. bill5

    Lexus Concept Car

    Thought you guys might be interested...
  15. bill5

    You Guys Are Gonna Love This

    That handle breaking is a common problem and a cheap fix. The dealer should take care of it at no charge, in the interest of customer relations; after all, they did break it. The service department "experience" is the single-most important factor influencing a customer's decision to purchase...
  16. bill5


    Not for me but "eye of the beholder". Welcome.
  17. bill5

    How'd it do that?

    Holding down the "unlock" button on the remote opens all windows, including the sunroof. It won't roll them up.
  18. bill5

    finally got pics of my stang

    Love the styling. Loved it when I owned a '71.
  19. bill5

    Do these work

    They're effective in putting $7.89 in the seller's pocket. That's about it.
  20. bill5

    AMAZING MAGNAFLOW DEAL!! $499.97 Shipped

    It's my understanding that Magnaflow didn't continue to produce cat-back systems for the LS for models 03 forward, since there was no appreciable HP gain vs. 03 - 06 OEM systems.