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    What do we do for a living??

    Equity Research Analyst covering auto retailers and auto parts retailers. I am 27 and graduated from Bucknell University in PA with a double major in Business Management and Economics. I got into this very indirectly, but knew most auto analysts from when I was doing automotive consulting...
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    New guy on the block

    Welcome; I am fairly new too. I live in Rockland County, NY and work in Manhattan, though I have an older Lincoln Continental. All the best, Eric
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    My "Photo Garage" is up with pics of my '78

    Thanks to everyone. It's nice to be involved with a community that appreciates a car like this Yesterday when I was driving to work I saw a cream / cream vinyl Mark V. I was in my SAAB, but that would have been a neat coincidence if I had the Townie, which has the same color combo. I took...
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    My "Photo Garage" is up with pics of my '78

    Thanks for the compliment; I like yours too. I have always liked low-riders, but that wasn't my goal for my Lincoln. For now, I wanted to put on the chrome spoke wheels more so as a '70's luxury theme. Plus, the car is so long that it would have looked cool, but with the wheelbase being what...
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    My "Photo Garage" is up with pics of my '78

    Thanks for looking: -Eric :L
  6. 1978 Lincoln Continental

    1978 Lincoln Continental

    This car is the newest addition to my small but humble collection. It is a Creme Town Car with matching full vinyl roof and gold velour seats. [Note the first three pics were during sunset, so the color looks more intense than usual. The picture with the blue wax still on the white-walls is...
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    New Dude

    Welcome; I just started last week Eric S. '78 Lincoln Continental Town Car (7.5L) '87 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z (5.7L) '02 SAAB 9-3 (2.0L Turbo)
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    What Mods Have you done or will do on your conti?

    Street legal for all cars currently in the US is 55 watts. Real HIDs are actually lower (usually around 25-30 watts), but they are so bright because they use a balast which amplifies the signal when you turn them on, and the Xenon gas aids in the burn rate of the filament. I have seen a...
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    Parting out my 79 Mark V collectors

    Are the mirrors on the doors badly pitted? Does the heating element work? What about the condition of the rear view (I am looking for a pristine rear view on the glass, and pitt-free side mirrors). Thank you. Eric
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    Trunk Lock Covers Mark III, IV, V

    Does anyone know the height and width of the trunk key-hole covers on the 1968-1971 Mark III, 1972-1976 Mark IV, and 1977-1979 Mark V? I am doing some costom work to my car and need the biggest emblem I can get that is no more than 2" wide. I know the new Mark LT emblem is quite enormous, but...
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    Greetings from new member w/classic Lincoln

    Thanks again! Joey - Great picture of the dude that lost the race. My car may very well have the largest engine on this board, but is still probably one of the slowest. 4800 pounds dry lends to that, I'm sure. I will put up pics soon, but unfortunately the lighting comes out poorly on my...
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    Greetings from new member w/classic Lincoln

    Thanks all Thanks for all the welcomes. I'll try to get some pics up for the photo garage soon. All the best, Eric
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    WARNING!!!! New version of the "Nigerian" scam

    Do not get involved. I'm embarrassed to say that I was the victim of one of those. I was EXTREMELY weary about it, but this was before those crimes were so "popular". I had some parts for sale and the buyer was acting on behalf of his client. They were in England and they wanted to have a...
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    Greetings from new member w/classic Lincoln

    Hi all, My name is Eric and I just joined this website. My Lincoln is my most recent addition to my garage, though I have had the car about a year now. It is a '78 Continental Town Car. I have always liked the 77-79s, though I prefer the minor details on the '78, like the open rear wheel...