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78 Continental

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Jul 29, 2005
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Rockland County
Hi all,

My name is Eric and I just joined this website. My Lincoln is my most recent addition to my garage, though I have had the car about a year now. It is a '78 Continental Town Car. I have always liked the 77-79s, though I prefer the minor details on the '78, like the open rear wheel and available 460 (77 had the closed rear wheel, and 79 had no optional 460 cubic inch engine). Mine is cream with a full cream vinyl roof and gold velour interior. It has got to be one of the most amusing cars I have driven, and gets more looks than my Camaro... or even the Bentley Arnage I was using one day.

Since I got the car in August of 2004, I have replaced the carburetor, all ignition componentry, the heater core, the master cylinder with brake lines, as well as a few interior doo dads that were missing. I also replaced the weather stripping on the trunk As for modifications, I put on 15" chrome 100-spoke knock-off wheels with STOCK SIZE tires. I put a bar of green neon under the dash and 2 bars of yellow neon behind the grill - though you can't see them since one is tucked up under the chrome top, and the other is behind the bumper. I made all that bracketry out of aluminum and stainless stell nuts/bolts. I installed a functional disco ball on the rear deck behind the seats (cheesy, perhaps, but it's a '78!) and a 900 watt stereo complete with all new speakers, casette, cd changer, and a powered sub encloser in the trunk.

As I say, the car has been an absolute blast to drive around in. Most children never saw a car so big (that wasn't a limo), and everyone else between the ages of 35 and 50 that randomly come up to me to talk to me about the car seem to have had a brother, cousin, or neighbor that owned one at one point (or a Mark V).

Anyway, I look forward to chatting with you all on this forum - even if my car is one of the rarer members of this community. Anyone up for an autocross?

All the best,
Eric S.
1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car
1987 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z
2002 SAAB 9-3 SE

Welcome! You and your Lincoln are an excellent addition to our membership. Yes, please post some pics of the car with neon lights running and the disco ball. I love cars that are different.
Thanks again! Joey - Great picture of the dude that lost the race. My car may very well have the largest engine on this board, but is still probably one of the slowest. 4800 pounds dry lends to that, I'm sure. I will put up pics soon, but unfortunately the lighting comes out poorly on my camera. I'll figure it out.

BTW, as I am sure all you Mark VIII guys are aware, the interior of your cars has been a popular swap into other cars. I was at SEMA 2 years ago and saw a heavily modified '57 Bel Aire. Looking at the car, I thought I recognized the interior, and when I saw the sign discussing everything done to that car, I saw which shop that did the interior, so I whipped out my cell phone, gave them a call, and asked if that was a Mark VIII interior in that car. Sure enough, my eye was accurate.

All the best,

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