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    FS: 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

    Thanks man, I'll be lurkin around don't you worry :D
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    FS: 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

    Thank you guys. All over BK ;)
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    FS: 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

    added another photo
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    FS: 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

    It took me a while until I was able bring myself to write this. As some of you may heard, my 96 LSC is officially for sale. I have owned it for eight years. One third of my life. Just as the old story goes, my priorities have changed since then and it's time to pass the car on to someone who can...
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    WTB: Front and rear air bags for 1996 Mark VIII

    At least one front and one rear. Possibly two each though. Thank you
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    Anyone else think this thing is beautiful?

    wow that is a really nice green 13 year old luxury car with 91k on it, really nice
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    exhaust setups.

    Sup nooob, couldntfindthesearchbutton How loud do you want your exhaust to be? In my opinion it depends on who you are trying to impress. High school girls I'm assuming? Just chop off the exhaust after the 3rd cat, that should do the trick. Careful your fingers don't get in the way
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    New Moog Mark VIII LCA's

    I made the same mistake... I need uppers not lowers. No dibs for me
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    New Moog Mark VIII LCA's

    dibs, pm sent
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    craigslist crack

    $18,500 looks about right to me. I'd offer somewhere close to that.
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    Best way to handle a Coil Spring Conversion?

    If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do both front and back, and lowered.
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    Best way to handle a Coil Spring Conversion?

    I think I may do a little preventative maintenance on my 96 and convert it to coil spring suspension. I never thought it would come to this but with a 15 year old suspension it seems the pros outweigh the cons. I've read through all the threads but I still I have some questions: What is the...
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    Winter projects done

    you ALMOST got me, cause i'm used to you taking pics of your cars parked on people's lawns
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    One of a kind paint color?

    Would you please stop making threads with these piece of :q:q:q:q cars? Did you really think this was a rare factory one-off? Check out that center console, SO RARE!!!
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    Mark VIII people: Please vote for me!

    voted. is there any way to see the results?
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    Door won't stay open/swings closed too easily

    I'm tired of my door hitting me in my ass when I'm getting something out of the back seat. I'm guessing the "door brake" has little tension left. Anyone else have that problem? What could I do to fix this?
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    How much would you pay for a 96 black on black LSC?

    Assuming that everything is in working order and I couldn't find any evidence of accidents, etc? I would offer $5000 (but I would secretly pay up to $8000)
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    FS: 98 LSC Torredor Red

    What's the odometer say?
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    Putting the Mark up for sale.

    i lurk