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    Small radiator coolant leak

    I had the same thing in my 96. I just replaced the radiator. make sure you save the fitting that the trans. fluid lines run into and reinstall on the new radiator. Since I had the radiator out, I replaced the water pump as well since I had the extra room. The engine has run a lot cooler since I...
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    K&N Panel Air Filter vs Paper Air Filter Vs Cone (Cold Air)

    Yep ... I had the oil bath air cleaner way back in my 56 Ford.
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    where to get cooling fan motor

    I got one for my 96 at Rock Auto last year. I'd suggest getting a new connector too. They are attached to the fan housing with steel rivets that you'll have to drill out and replaced with bolts and lock washers. ( or at least my 96 was).
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    Brake pedal making a mist of brake fluid from front left

    I had the same problem here in Mass. That brine solution is a killer on cars. My 96 MK VIII had the same problem. I had to have all my brake lines replaced .. then my tranny cooling line about 2 months later. When I bought it about 6 years ago, no rust whatsoever.
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    It's always something ...

    Should be .. mine's a 96 Gen 1.
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    It's always something ...

    Found it finally .. At Advance of all places. The descriptions I got from Ford and the confusing diagrams got me off base. The Ford Parts site said it went from the condenser to the Compressor and that was just wrong. Thanks to all who offered help. PeterK. ps: a 50 dollar part that the shop...
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    It's always something ...

    Close, but it said that it won't fit in a 96. Thanks though !
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    It's always something ...

    Thanks ! The little dryer attached to the condenser discharge line ( #3) near the compressor is what is leaking. I've checked pretty much everywhere but that part just doesn't exist and the lines are part of the dryer I'll check with some AC mechanics to see if there is a ay to attach a new...
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    It's always something ...

    I found a used one on eBay and it's the secondary drier ... the used one looks as bad as mine so I'l pass on that. Is there a bypass workaround or other way to repair this ? These cars kinda need ac in the summer ! Or, if anyone has an old one lying around, I'll buy it from you.
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    It's always something ...

    I recently had to have all my brake lines replaced .. 2 months later, the Tranny cooling lines needed replacement. They use a brine solution on the roads here in Ma. and I can't help but think that's the problem . Now, I have a AC refrigerant leak. It is leaking out of the can from the condenser...
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    need a new wheel

    Rockauto has them .. around 280.00 each. Reconditioned.
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    Good old IMRC gone bad.

    I got one on Ebay .. there were two others left one right left both around 130.00. The guy I bought it from is a member here and said that he would test it first .. I will also.
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    Good old IMRC gone bad.