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    Just want to say thanks.

    A few months ago I ended up selling my 03 LS V6. My wife's grandma gave us the car with only 23,000 miles on it. It was my first "luxury" car and really a great one in many ways, as you all know. I put a little over 60k miles on it over 5 years or so, including a round trip to Corvallis, OR from...
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    Ford Explorer forums

    Just picked up a 2011 Exploder from my uncle. High miles (180,000) but in pretty good shape (does have a few codes though). Can anyone recommend a good forum for Explorers approaching the same level of quality as LVC? Thanks.
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    Purchase of a 1997 Mark VIII LSC listed in Craigslist - Need Opinions Please!

    When you said Sacramento I thought your were talking about this CL money pit: I’ve never driven one of these but I think they’re one of the more unique looking cars on the road.
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    LS featured in "Avengers"

    Ha! Nice catch. I wonder the process behind that LS making it on screen. Would be cool if an LS fan working on the film lobbied for its appearance. Other car looks like an '09 Accord.
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    Wanted to follow up on this; better late then never. I ended up buying an oem gascap but the check engine light persisted. Brought it in to the local shop and they diagnosed it as "REPLACE CANNISTER CLOSED VALVE/EVP". They did the work last December and the check engine light's been off since...
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    '03 LS oil leaking around oil filter

    Following up on this from a while ago. I ended up taking it in to the shop and they said the gasket on the filter was cracked. What's weird is that it was the second K&N I'd installed that was leaking in the same way. My only guess it that even though I was hand-tightening the filter I overdid...
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    03 Lincoln LS Seatback Panel xmas tree retaining clip

    Old thread but I thought I'd update. I did end up going to the dealer and they unfortunately didn't have the part. The new seatback's still sitting in my garage with one out of two retaining clips. Meanwhile my kid continues to the back of the seat when I say the wrong thing.
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    Window Regulator Replacement. How-To w/ Pictures.

    Hell yeah. Thank you. This forum is a true resource. This is what's good about the internet.
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    Window Regulator Replacement. How-To w/ Pictures.

    vvvvv I did find a few videos but they're all for the first generation LS. Dunno it that matters much. Gonna list em here so they're easy to find for the next guy: Lincoln LS Window Regulator Repair 2000-2002 How To: Replace 2000 Lincoln LS Window Motor and Track Lincoln Ls 02 driver-side...
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    Window Regulator Replacement. How-To w/ Pictures.

    Both links you posted do work, sorry about that. (I got confused when the links on the pages themselves didn't work, but it doesn't matter since you provided both pages - thank you, sir!) And no big surprise but the problem came back this morning. Nothing important below, just thinking out...
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    Window Regulator Replacement. How-To w/ Pictures.

    Funny thing happened today. The freaking window started working like normal. I guess all I had to do was buy the parts! joegr, do you have a link to the "Remove the rear door trim panel. For additional information, refer to Section 501-05 "? It didn't work. Thanks for the other ones though, very...
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    Window Regulator Replacement. How-To w/ Pictures.

    How many of these clips are used in each door? Should I buy more than one? Thanks.
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    Window Regulator Replacement. How-To w/ Pictures.

    Oh man, thanks for this info! Another reason I keep putting this job off is that I don't want to be commuting on the freeway in 105 degree heat with a stuck open window...
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    Window Regulator Replacement. How-To w/ Pictures.

    It's finally time for me to replace my regulator on the rear passenger side. Can you please link to this video? Thank you. Once I get it open I'm going to take a look at what's going on in there for fun and education but it sounds like it's not a part that is meant to be repaired. My issue is...
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    LS rear window regulator recommendation

    I need to replace (possibly repair if possible) the rear window regulator on my ‘03 LS. I was wondering if anybody has an opinion on whether or not I should buy OEM. if it’s all the same I’d rather save some money. Never messed with window stuff before.