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    I've got a set of original chrome 20 spokes with nearly new Cooper tires on them. Wheels are not perfect, but I've got the lugs, caps and all.
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    Where did you find it and how much was it? I'm looking for one for a daily. Thanks, Kevin
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    Cobrastar fender emblem

    Contact Geno Angelino at Lincoln Motorsports- he is the creator of the Cobrastar. He can quote realistic prices. Hes on Facebook as well.
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    94 long block wanted

    I'm looking for a rebuildable 94 longblock. I'm going with better rods, comp cams kit and I'm looking at a stroker kit that takes it to 5.0L. If you've got a solid rebuildable block, let me know. Thanks Kevin
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    Let me know!
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    1st gen 93-96 Cowl hood installation

    Real pain to d. Had to take a carbide burr and trim glass on hood around latch till we had clearance before it would latch. Polished stainless gat struts from 96 stand look really good with it too.
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    Coolant tube mods

    Thanks, DuWayne! Shot you a pm on FB. Give me a call or shoot me your number. Kevin
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    Parts needed

    Still looking for all this stuff!
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    Coolant tube mods

    years ago I posted asking if anyone had done away with the crossover tube and used AN firings and hose to get rid of the crossover. I'm looking for the info in that thread to do that mod and add one of the clear thermostat housings. Any help? Thanks Kevin
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    Door handle

    I need a drivers side exterior door handle assembly. Preferably in silver. Kevin 816-518-5525.
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    Another F100 swap

    I've got a74 F250 with one ton underpinnings, Dana 60 rear, 390, Holley, Mallory unilite, headers, duals,cam, chrome wagon wheels, new bumpers with rush guard, custom gauges, JVC head unit, 600 watt four channel amp twin 8" subs, lifted two inches, tinted, Honda buckets, homemade console, and...
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    Delrin Bushings lower control arm and knuckle

    I'm in. Tell me where to send deposit!
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    RIP Doug Fraleigh (DLF)

    Sorry to hear this. He made killer, ingenious parts and was a good guy.
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    Where Are They Now?

    Old timers Been here since '06. Is that long?
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    A Little bit of Ford History

    more Ferd racing. Check out "Go Like Hell" -book on Ford's battle with Ferrari and the victories at Lemans in the sixties. I was there as a kid when Ford won it all. At the time I wasn't much taller than the GT40's! We also were at Spa, Silverstone and other Grand Prix races- amazing watching...