Cadillac Seville / STS

Submitted by: Arnott, Inc 1. Raise vehicle with proper lifting equipment. The tires must be off the ground. Suspension must be fully down with no load. ALWAYS USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN LIFTING VEHICLE! (Refer to your owners manual for lifting instructions) 2. Remove front wheel(s)...
By: Pepsi2185 Safety Exercise caution when working around electronics and unless you are well versed in automotive electronics DO NOT USE A TEST LIGHT. Although many times it is harmless to use a test light, in only takes one poke to destroy a 5 thousand dollar body controller...
By: Speedy_2 Ok, here's my "How To" on installing the "Nitrous Express "Incognito" Hidden Dry System"(NX# 60000) and give your 1998 Cadillac STS Performance Power Here's the kit (Click on photos to enlarge them) System comes with: # 1.4 lb. bottle # solenoid # fill fitting # polyline #...