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$300 for driveshaft with yoke is fair. I suggest bubble wrap, then wrap three or four layers of cardboard - it's easy to get a big empty box from any furniture or appliance store. Fold the ends over and wrap the whole thing in dollar store shipping tape. The cost to ship will be about $25 to $30 , plus $5 to insure it for $600 at the UPS store. Obviously, I'll pay those costs.
2004 Aviator base model 2wd​
Retains all factor componets-SoundMarket indash 6dc
Currently trying to find a location to splice in a LOC, for aftermarket amp. Have tried after the factory amp and sounded weak and clipped ... As by recommendations would be appreciated.
Sold LS 2006 last year.Too much rust on passenger side dog leg,2000$ to fix.Garage gave me 900$ and was going to sell the two catalytic converters for the same price he said,plus use parts to fix other Lincoln’s and Jags.
That’s a beautiful pair of FoMoCo offerings! I have a 2004 Lariat myself, but I really like the Limited wheels you have on your FX4.