Z28 cowl hood

Why not just get a one piece cowl hood and be done with it.

By the time your done doing all the labor and the costs of materials it will be more then the one piece hood, also with NO matinence. When you add a scoop to the hood no matter how good they are or what materials they use I will GUARANTEE within a year it will crack.

I know from experience, back in 01' I added a custom made 4 inch Camaro hood to my car and every year since I have to strip, repair and repaint no matter what.
Plus the weight, OMG the weight to add the hood with ll the glass you need, you have no idea. Ask anyone who ever felt the weight of my hood, 60 plus LBS!!!

I gave up and put on our one piecer this week actually because I am tired of the maintinence and added weight.






This is what I have now.

We have it on sale right now too for $499.00.

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