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Aug 18, 2010
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Dallas, TX
Well, one foot in the grave.
Bought an '18 Kia Stinger GT2 RWD in blue yesterday, got over $10k off MSRP. I think it's the spiritual successor to the LS - a manufacturer reaching way outside their swim lane to compete in the international sports sedan market and actually making a good play at it. The aftermarket has already adopted the car pretty well, but some key things (especially coils) aren't addressed yet. Folks are hitting close to 500 RWHP with bolt-ons though! Looks like Kia hit pretty close to their target for '18 based on the inventory out there so hopefully this model sticks around for a while.
Still have the '02 Premium LS, now with 225k on the clock. It's now relegated to junkyard duty and parts hauler, and will likely go to my son when he destroys his current car (he's killed three in the past three years - yes, impressive.).
So long, farewell, and thanks for all the fish.

I still get a request once every few months for a fan controller. So if anyone wants to pick up that business, feel free. I haven't assembled one in a few years now.
Hey, it would be great if you could come back a few times and let us know how the Stinger is working out. It's on my consider list.
First impressions are good. It certainly has more power than the LS!
It's really responsive if it's in the right drive mode. Otherwise it'll be napping when you get on it.

The only particular nag is the wheel/tire setup. The fronts are 19x8 with 225/35 tires, so they're thin and stretched. The rear are 19x8.5 with 255/40 which aren't much better. I just don't care for that look. Wheels are plentiful and cheap so I'll probably get 18" wheels when these tires wear out. At least they put good rubber on it - Pilot Sport 4's.
Congratulations on the 18 Kia Stinger! That thing looks sick!

If I may weigh in on something:
The LS is V8 RWD. (unless you have the V6).
There's a boat load of 4Door RWD V6's/ Inlines. 335, 535, G35, G37, Genesis, Q50, Is250, Merc E class etc..
There's a lot of good options.

When I think of the LS, I think of a German Sport Luxury rival that has 'Merica at heart. And nothing is more 'Merica than a howling V8 spinning its rear tires. I would opt for a Charger/300 Hemi, or Chevrolet SS (G8 successor).

joegr if you haven't already, take a 2015 + Charger R/T out for a spin. It will surprise you.
Love the Stinger! Congrats! I'm on the Stingers Facebook page as an enthusiast primarily but would love to pick one up! I think K8 is the performance group that has been pushing the boundaries. Good luck with it and post a pic!
I wouldn't call the 3.9 a howling V8....... But I've built several classic Oldsmobile V8 small blocks and a handful of Chevys. Totally different sound and driving experience. The LS is a Jag engine, so it's just too damn refined. The 'murica V8 is rough around the edges, you know? Look at the Hellcat/Demon. It does not sound 'refined'.

I was sorely tempted by the Dodge offerings, but I travel a lot for work so I'm in a lot of rental cars. Including Challengers/Chargers. The interiors are just terrible (to me).

So yeah, that was my conundrum. What replaces the LS? A good driving experience, at least 'sufficient' power (while my Cutlass has 'frightening' power, right now mostly due to poor rubber), at least somewhat maintainable (my coworkers in DC all have BMWs and Mercs and their maintenance stories are hilarious. $6k brake jobs?), and an interior that's better than the LS. I make good money but I'm not willing to spend >$60k on a car. Well, except the Olds. But restorations sneak up on you. I was keeping an eye out for older import sport sedans but you never know what you're gonna get and by the time I considered them affordable the interiors were looking pretty clapped out.

And then I wound up behind a Stinger (with no Kia badges) driving home maybe 10 days ago. I hadn't heard of them at all before then. And now here we are.

De-marko: It's dead stock on the outside, not sure I'll do much there. Most of the trim is black/gunmetal on the Blue cars already. I'll probably tone down the calipers and a few other things at some point. My plans are intake, exhaust primaries, the JT intercooler looks really interesting, then pick a tune approach. Too bad there's nothing like the SCT-style devices for Kia (yet?).
It's not the 2.0, right?
Those (seemingly) randomly throw rods and lose bearings, along with their other current four cylinder engines.

My daughter has a 2.0T Sonata. The power is reasonable (270 HP, if I recall), but the FWD handling is terrible (too much understeer, even for FWD), and the interior is not quiet enough for me. We're nervous about the engine, but other than to above it seems to be a pretty good car.
Dear god no, it's the 3.3l

Good! I'm not really a wide body guy but this one looks good.


congrats on the stinger, seems like a good contender. 'Merican manufacturers are abandoning cars all together. Love that new lincoln continental but it'll be years before its in my price range to try and fiddle with.

Sad to say I'm on my way out too. I have a 2001 LS v-6 sport with the 5 speed manual. Was a dream car for a long time. bought it used with the intention of sinking money into doing a full restore with an upgraded semi-custom interior but alas, I'm done. 192K and a new job with a 1.5 hour commute one way and I just need something that mindlessly humms down the road at 40 mpg. Wish I could hang on to it but its gotta go.

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