Wish me LUCK! Turbo Tune Tomorrow.


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Nov 23, 2007
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Well I'm going to get my tune tomorrow for my car. Finished the turbo install and ready for some numbers :). Im getting the tune done at Muscle Performance in Conoga Park (LA). Ill be running about 7-8lbs boost with two tunes. One with 91 octane and one with 104 octane :shifty: :shifty:. So we'll see what numbers I put down. Wish me LUCK!!!
awesome:D Can't wait to hear how it goes. Do you plan on taking any videos?
canoga is really close to my house. i stay out in Reseda. good luck with the tune
Sweeet! hope all go's well! U should soooooo come down to Covina on Saturday! You will get sooo much props at the lil car show thing I am going to.
I woke up twice during the night last night thinking of your turbo'd LS sitting on the rollers! The thought of an LS with boost is such a wonderful thought.

I would get a turbo on my first gen but I am concerned with the tuning aspect of it. The funds are definately there for this project but I just don't know what I'd do about getting someone to properly tune it...

Anyway, good luck! Let us know how it goes ...and get a vid;)
He's probably grinning at the dyno display screen right now... what a lucky bar steward.
alright guys..... no video.... sorry. The numbers are..........


343 RWHP 353 RWTQ on 91 octane, 6-7lbs of boost. :) :)
I was JUST coming in here (pektel was the last to reply when I clicked this thread) and was gonna say he's probably not gonna reply because he didn't take any video.

Cameron....you greedy bastard! :p
didnt have enough time or money (wicked expensive already) to tune for the 104.
ok, well then I guess an acceleration video and some turbo spooling sounds in a vid would be sufficient!;) and those numbers are something to be very proud of!
ya man.... it takes off like a rocket. Im only running 4lbs on the street right now and it FLYS.
Nice job! Come back with some time slips when you get around to it. I'll probably never throw my car on a dyno, so time slips is how I'll figure out what I get to the wheels with the nitrous.
Oh, and you'll get over that 4lbs boost on the street thing in a hurry. 3rd gear pulls harder than you'd expect with an extra 100 hp.
It would have been nice if these cars came with 350 hp and then slap the power adders on. :D
Extremely impressive. Now, add a hundred of spray....

Jeeze guys talk a man into blowing his engine why dontcha??? Hehehe.

Glad to hear what the car made Cam Too bad you weren't able to get the car tuned on the higher boost and racegas. I thought you said you had 110 unleaded you planned to get it tuned on, not 104??? 104 is much better than 93 of course.

Sorry I didn't get back to your message buddy, I was a'campin with the family and the cell had zero reception for most of the week.

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