Window lubrication?

Lincoln Mark VII

  1. Elessee

    Elessee Well-Known LVC Member

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    May 19, 2007
    88 Mk7.
    One day, without any warning, my passenger window rolled up very slowly, and died. At least I thought it died.
    But yesterday I hit the button accidentally, and the window moved down a hair. But it moves very, very slowly. I opened it an inch. Not wanting to chance it being stuck open, I rolled it back up.

    I'm still on the road, and can't really work on this car. Hotel parking lot with no tools. But I'm wondering if the problem might be lubrication? (It's probably not electrical.)
    Do I just saturate the glass channels and the door's interior with WD40, and hope to get lucky? If someone is familiar with the symptoms, and pointed to a likely spot that needs grease, I may be able to remove the door panel.
  2. OldSchool1

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Primos, PA 19018 USA
    This sounds like a bad window motor to me.
    Have you ever replaced one?

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