Wierd A/C/heat problem


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Mar 26, 2014
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Hello...I have been searching for suggestions to why my 02 overheats when the A/C is on. I found several threads but most had other overheating issues also. This one was similar, though even driving on the highway doesn't help. I followed the instructions and ran the car with the cap off and the heat on. The fluid level never moved but the heat blew hot! (Funny, because the heat wasn't working when I bought the car.) I let it run for about 1/2 hour like that. On a whim, I turned the a/c on full blast (with the lid still off) and it blew nice and cold and never overheated. I put the cap back on (and the heat still worked) but the a/c caused it to overheat. When it is sitting in Park with the air on it doesn't overheat, but me putting it into drive with my foot on the break causes it to overheat within 5 minutes.

I did the self HVAC test with the radio and no codes came up...everything just illuminated.

I took it to the shop to have diagnostics ran last week to see if they noticed anything (basic diagnostics...not for air) and when I mentioned it they said the fan is running. I saw the the fan should kick in to high when the air is on...but...I can't find the fan. I don't know where it is and can't see it.

Could a fuse or relay be the issue with this? The folks at Advance said it made no sense.

If there are threads that I didn't find please point me in that direction. I searched...but I am ready to give the heck up and take it to the shop.



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