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Mar 2, 2004
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Chicago, IL
Buy your first Lincoln or Cadillac --- and how did you feel driving it that first week? Was it all hot rod, was it status, a step up in cars ---- -tell us...
i was planning on making a lowrider set on wires. couldnt find any tbirds or cougars to do it to that were in decent shape, finally my dad suggested a markvii. never heard of them before till that, went and looked at one fell in love bought it the next day. started looking at ways i could go with the car, and quickly dismissed the lowrider on wires idea. and ended up with what i have today.
Just before i was supposed to get my license my moms friend wrecked our beautiful 87 continental, triple black. I really enjoyed the car and looked forward to getting it. When i got my license, i had 3g to play with and wanted an 87 just like we had before but a few people talked me out of it. "You dont want ot have to fix the abs and air suspension" So i picked out a town car. Didnt know what it was but when i went to look at it, it was perfect. Digital dash, moonroof, keyless entry. On the way home I couldnt believe it was mine and never stopped driving lincolns since. I know cheesy story of the year but these cars are too easy to get addicted to.

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