Which looks best for rim upgrade as LSC?

Lincoln Mark VII

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    Mar 10, 2016
    Hi guys.

    Coming over from the LS side. I recently acquired a cherry 2001 LS sport that was special edition and marketed as the LSC. I am trying to get all the facts about this, so if anyone has some info let me know. I last left off with Ford Research said it was not factory LSC, but it was ordered and built as a special edition. I think it was a California Dealer that did the upgrade. I have the original stickers, so am trying to trace that now.

    Anyhow, it has a bunch of cosmetic upgrades to give the LSC look, but the rims were stock LS upgrades. I am wanting to get a more true LSC look and I found these. I want your opinion which I should go with. I want it to make people take a second look and then say, oh ya that is an LSC.

    The car with the rims:


    Rim on that car, which is a stock version:


    Rim that is slightly custom that I cant show on a car:


    So the custom rim I think has the most potential to look LSC style. If I went that way, I would probably get rid of any polish (they can brush look the trim) and get those 'bolts' same color of grey. The stock style though, while still looking LSC is more modern.

    What do you think?




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