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Mar 27, 2004
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Fort Walton Beach
My friend owns a '90 Cadillac Eldorado, 4.5 V8 280hp (or so he claims). I was just curious about what would happen in a race between his car, and my '95 Mark VIII. His car is totally stock... Mine has a few TINY things.... I have 9MM wires and new plugs and a modified intake. Not sure if we ever will race, but I just wanna know what to maybe expect. From riding in his car a few times, I can tell it comes off the line a little quicker, but I think my car would destroy his on the highway. So I'm just curious, Opinions please! :L
Well, the Mark VIII runs about a 7.6 0-60, and a 1991 Eldo runs about an 8.5 0-60, so I'm guessing you will win. The 8.5 is based on a touring coupe from '91. If it were a 1995 Eldo vs. a 1995 Mark VIII, my money would go hands down on the Eldo (Touring Coupe), because I believe it runs about a 6.6 0-60 and a... 14.8 1/4th?

Anyways, I think you will probably have this one in the long run, he'll definitely have a better head start though, just take him when he gets to a plateau in the '91 performance (40, 45 mph). If it were a 1991 Mark VII vs. a 1991 Eldorado, it'd probably be dead equal in my opinion, but for now, my money goes to you :)

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