What to use to Cut Exhaust.??


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Feb 6, 2009
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Long Island
Hey guys, what's best to use to cut the piping in my LSC? I want to remove the 3rd cat for added sound and install an X pipe. A sawzall is not an option here, i'll be doing the work on the street i live in an apt lol. I've used that hand held cutter Autozone has for my 95 tbird-the one with the rounded mini-blades. Right before the 3rd cat, isnt the piping dual-lined or something making it impossible for such a tool..??

I love my straightpiped baby, i just want it to sound louder and raunchier. Will it be much louder without that 3rd cat? Thanks.
i suggest going somewhere where you can use a sawzall, you are not gonna cut it out with a pipe cutter. or use a hacksaw if you want arms like popeye when you are finished.
Didn't get to this today, hopefully i'll be able to use my buddies garage tomorrow.

LOL at the light it and run away....hahaha
There's chain wrenches, wrap around the pipe, clip the chain back on the tool, roll back and forth and it'll cut a perfect straight cut with no debris. Easy to weld to. No noise. Very clean cut. Takes about 1 minute if you're taking your time.

I don't know where you get them, I just know there's one at the shop, and that's what I used.
I've decided to hold off, reason being....Police.

Yesterday i got pulled over after i left 7-11. The officer was nice, he asked why my car is so loud? He thought the exhaust was broken, and would not pass inspection etc. I was honest, told him i had straightpipe welded, but the 3 cat's are in place, so it's not illegal exhaust.

I even showed him the muffler shop reciept.

He let me go, but he did say that he "could have" given me a ticket if i wasnt so honest.

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