What do you use your ashtray for?

Don't really use the ash tray for much, but the cupholder right next to it.... Holds my cell phone and the remote to my head unit and maybe chapstick and stuff like that... If anything, I use the ash tray as a garbage can.
change and only change, i don't think i've ever used it for something else. My cupholder is a cell phone holder lol.
Well it sure is not ashes and I have no change,

my ashtray serves as a cool lightbulb holder for people that smoke that arent allowed to smoke in my car. i guess thats how i would put it. Cool! there are lights in your ashtray, "use them and you walk". ok, chill dude.

They also make a nice place to put the cigarette lighter while im not using it, for cell phone charging.
I use mine to hold my smokes & lighter, but never for ashes. My cup holder is for change....... What a dumb place for a cup holder - I cant drive with a cup in there -- nowhere for my arm to rest.
No cups are allowed in my cupholder anyway, unless they know how to clean the cupholder afterward. "Dude your so anal about this car its just an old mans car", "did i hear you asking for a ride home or asking for me to beep at you while i leave you here"
well its hard to drive home from McDonalds with a supersize coke (lemmie make sure i spelled that right) between your legs when your wearing shorts

Well, I'm a smoker but I never smoke in my car...neither does anyone else. So my answer is nothing at all.

As for my cup holder, it's retractable so it never comes out anyhow. No food or drinks are allowed in my car either so I couldnt care less if I had a cup holder or not! :cool:
Joey i live in michigan, shorts are rare, but yeah a little ice on the nuts is no fun. But then again we are the ones who clean the cars and therefore we have executive cupholder privledges, everyone else has to have icy nuts.

Big Joe
the difference is that in a gen 1, the cupholder doesnt fold out lke that and the cup sits about halfway up your forearm.......
markvii ashtray was first used as a cell holder.
then it was removed and an air guage was placed there
now its being filled and air guages will pretrude from where it used to be all fiberglassed in.
nice!!! Keep us posted on the whole thing, and pics if you got em.

You do the fiberglassing yourself??
'Tis a handy place to store the cell phone while charging. WIsh I could find the cupholder pullout from the 93-94 TC for my '91. Its very difficult to try to balance the 4 cup caddy under your legs so it doesnt spill on your special order custom $110 floor mats while driving back to the office with everyones lunch who decides they want a large f*%$ing tea with their sandwhich.
My cup holder has a retractable cover that comes over the top of it so I never have it open so I don't use it for anything. I wish I was privileged enough to even have cup holders in my car. I always have to have icy nuts when I want to drink something in the car. It is no good let me tell you, but the car looks nice and the ladies like it so I make some trade offs. :) :give :steering
Joeychgo said:
ill be sure to forawrd that post to your fiance' :)

How do you think I found her?! She said nice car and I said how about a ride and well as they say the rest is history! She love the car, she just wishes it was a bit more reliable. It is getting old :(. Maybe when I get a job I will get something newer. Anyone know of any jobs in IL for someone with a Communication and Business degree? LOL
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NEVER for ashes... although I do smoke, I try and not smoke in the car. And when I do smoke, I'll never use the ash tray because it a.) smells like crap and b.) I don't like burns in the interior... even if it's inside the ash trays. :)

but uhhh... yeah, I use my ashtray and the pretty useless cup holder as change holders :D

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