What color temp is the OEM HIDS???


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Feb 26, 2008
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North Providence
just curious? My 6000K HIDS just burnt out on my daily driver and i want to get a color that matches my Marks, i like that look much better than the 6000Ks..
I'm using a 35w 5000k set from DDM Tuning. I find the color is slightly more blue than stock but still very white. I'm guessing stock is closer to 4500k but I haven't used those so I'm not sure.
4300k 35w

Upon first start up


After warming up..turns a crisp white with a hint of blue

Factory Mark VIIIs are 4300k.


That's what I've always said/thought based on how they compared to KNOWN color temps I'd seen them compared to (in person, not in pics). For example, when I would pull my '72 Mark IV or Jaguar (I've put aftermarket 8000k HID's in both) up next to my parents' LSC at night, the 8000k's are ALOT more blue, and even make the LSC lights look a little yellow, almost like halogen headlights, when compared directly. 6000k also has more of a blue tint to it. Of course, years ago, I was told I was wrong and that the factory HID's were around 6000k, and that they only look more yellow/white in comparison because they're "old and worn out". I don't really buy this so much, but it's what I was told once. I still would say somewhere in the 4300 range if I had to guess.
FWIW....My '97s factory HID color temp matches my Daimlers HIDs at 4700K. My '94 has 5000K HIDs and its white with a hint of blue. My moms car has 4300K HIDs and they're much yellower than my '97s and my Daimler.

I will be switching my '94s 5000K HID down to 4700K for more brightness and better visibility.
I had 4500k on one of my cars and it was a very close match to factory. Then I went with 8000k on my car. I get more complements with the 8000k. It just looks newer. :cool:

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